Friday, November 04, 2005

Libby to Put MSM on Trial

From Rush Limbaugh:

This First Amendment problem is going to surface because when these reporters are brought into a trial and all of their notes and all of their e-mails and everybody else they've talked to about this, and when Plame and Wilson get brought into trial, you know darn-well know they're going to be brought into this too.” “Andrea Mitchell probably will be drawn into this since she said it was common knowledge and the prosecution said it was not. Patrick Fitzgerald said in his indictment it was not common knowledge. Andrea Mitchell says it was. A lot of reporters have been saying it was common knowledge. So the prosecutor had his way. He had his time. But now the fight begins.” “It's going to be real interesting to watch the whole template that the media has set up on this story get blown to smithereens, and that's the real story. That's the real future. That's the real direction this case is going to go. It is not going to go where Chris Matthews and the rest of these people think it's going to go.” “The defense is obviously going to go after the very people who have put Scooter in this circumstance, and that's the news media. This is going to be fun. I feel sorry for Scooter, that he's in the middle of this and that it has to happen, but mark my words, it's a great lesson to apply every time you watch the news from this day forward, because what they tell you that is happening now isn't. It's what they hope will happen.”