Sunday, April 23, 2006

High Patriotism

Is Kerry actually so obtuse, or is he just pretending? Even if partisanship no longer stops at our shores, honest criticism isn't the same as false charges, partisan misrepresentation and intentionally underming the war effort. John Kerry is patriotic like Jane Fonda is patriotic. And yes, the issue is patriotism. One of them, anyway.

Kerry: Opposing Iraq War Is Patriotic
By Mark Pratt, Associated Press Writer Apr 22

BOSTON - Those who disagree with the Bush administration's policies in Iraq face the same scornful charges that they are unpatriotic as Sen. John Kerry did 35 years ago when he spoke out against the Vietnam War, the Massachusetts Democrat said Saturday....

Kerry's speech came 35 years to the day after he testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to call for an end to the Vietnam war.