Friday, July 22, 2005

'No Sale' for the New Hillary

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From Opinion Journal, July 21, 2005:

Hillary's Rebranding is a Work in Progress

The good news for Hillary Clinton is that polls increasingly suggest the American
public thinks a woman can be "tough enough" to be president. The bad news for
a certain Senator from New York is that the same public has yet to be convinced
that she's that woman....snip...

Ms. Clinton's bigger problem may be her failure to challenge the naysayers in
her own party. The anti-war, defeatist rhetoric from Ted Kennedy, Howard
Dean and has been on the rise, yet Ms. Clinton has barely
stirred to speak out against this Democratic view, or explain coherently why she
has taken stances so at odds with her party's noisiest voices. This is the sort
of nonaction that makes voters question if her tough talk on national defense is
more a political calculation than a matter of heartfelt belief. No wonder the
public still has doubts about whether Ms. Clinton is "tough enough" to be